First wave of The Dark Knight Rises props hits ebay #TDKR

Pittsburgh is standing in for Gotham City in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises,and  the first wave of props and set dressing has begun to appear on ebay.  So far the Pittsburghers lucky enough to be extras are at a disadvantage from their Chicago counterparts on The Dark Knight.  They were passengers on the ferry and had logo’d Gotham City Transit tickets and schedules.

The Dark Knight Rises Original Movie Prop "Terrible Towel" from the Gotham Rogues game, Gotham Stadium (Heinz Field, Pittsburgh)

The Gotham Rogues version of The Steelers "Terrible Towel"

The Pittsburgh extras at Heinz Field last weekend were portraying fans of the hometown Gotham Rogues. They were given towels to wave, analagous to the Steelers own “Terrible Towel,” but alas the towels do not have any type of logo. At least one seller includes his set pass for authenticity.

Another enterprising Pittsburgher has collected some of the snow scattered as set dressing on the downtown streets.

The Dark Knight Rises set dressing - movie snow - for sale on ebay

Batman fans wanting a more identifiable piece of Gotham City more than an authentic movie prop should keep their eyes open.  The Dark Knight viral produced The Gotham Times newspaper, Wayne Industries Bearer Bonds, and Gotham Pizza pizza boxes.  Most command high prices the first time they appear, and then settle in the $10-20 range, so unless you really have to have it, sit tight.

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