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Joseph Gordon-Levitt on The Dark Knight Rises and obsessive online spoilage |

Christopher Nolan Alum Joseph Gordon Levitt talks about spoilers on The Dark Knight is previewing an interview with The Dark Knight Rises star (and Nolan-alum from another spoilerific movie Inception) Joseph Gordon-Levitt tomorrow which briefly addresses “Obsessive online Spoilerage.”  The article particularly references youtubes of Christian Bale and Anne Hathaway as Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle getting into a cab, and Gordon-Levitt  himself walking on a snow-covered street in Pittsburgh, making a big deal about the online furor.  Except there is no actual spoilerage IN those videos, so one is left to wonder what the heck they’re talking about, unless it is just to stir the pot further.

“It’s cool that people are excited about the movie. I’m excited about the movie. And I would be really excited if I weren’t in it. I get why people are interested. But sometimes it can be a little weird because we try really hard to get the details right and make a great experience for the audience. And then when other shots that aren’t, like, how we want to present them, or shots that we wouldn’t want to be presented to the audience sort of get out there, it can be a little, ‘Oh well.’ The truth is I feel like audience members will probably enjoy the movie a lot more if they avoid those types of spoilers.”

The diplomatic answer.


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First Poster for Christian Bale in Zhang Yimou’s ‘The Flowers of War’ |

The story in The Flowers of War, based on Yan Geling’s novel The 13 Women of Nanjing, will see Bale as an American priest who shelters a group of prostitutes and female students in his church during the 1937 wartime atrocity known as “The Rape of Nanking”. The movie was directed by Oscar nominated Chinese filmmaker Zhang Yimou, of films like Raise the Red Lantern, Hero, House of Flying Daggers, Curse of the Golden Flower and A Woman, a Gun and a Noodle Shop previously, as well as the 2008 Olympics Opening Ceremony.


What’s that odd look on your face, Mr. Bale? The first official poster, in Chinese, for Zhang Yimou’s The Flowers of War has been posted over on our friend’s blog RecentMoviePosters. Originally titled Nanjing Heroes or 13 Flowers of Nanjing, this true life tale stars Christian Bale as an American trapped amidst the chaos of battle in 1937 during the Nanking Massacre, when Japan’s army overran China’s capital city. While the color on the rest of the poster is quite alluring, I have no idea why they chose Bale with that facial expression, but it’s a film we’re keeping a close eye on coming up, so I wanted to feature the poster anyway.

China also recently chose The Flowers of War as their country’s Oscar submission this year – must be great!

This is still looking for a US distributor, but will first open in Chinese theaters later this year. Footage was just screened during TIFF, as the film contains about 40% English dialogue, 60% in Mandarin.


Bale is, of course, currently in the news as the star of the third and final Dark Knight epic from Christopher Nolan The Dark Knight Rises currently shooting in Los Angeles.

The Dark Knight Rises set videos: Batman and Catwoman ***SPOILERS***

There are some brave men over at Bleeding Cool.  First we have this video tour of the LA set of The Dark Knight Rises.  Our intrepid set spy reports that there Christian Bale, Anne Hathaway and Gary Oldman were all on the set, but he was unable to get their pictures.  His report is confirmed by the set photos that were captured by Just Jared and others.

Then came the illicit video of a scene being filmed.  Do not read on if you do not want to know the spoilers.  Do watch now if you do, because we have a feeling this one may not be up on youtube for very long.

Leaked video from showing Batman and Catwoman in action following the chase and crashing of the HEMTT. Gordon *may* also appear in this shot. Batman walks to the HEMTT and hooks the winch from the batwing to something in the back of the smoking HEMTT while Catwoman watches, dunno how she got there in her stilettos. Batman and Catwoman hug before he gets back in the batwing and lifts off to fly away with whatever was in the back of Bane’s truck. Hope I don’t lose my job for sharing all these videos


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Hot New Location Photos: Not Bruce and Selina this time. It’s Batman and Catwoman IN FULL COSTUME (or is it?)

Here we go again.  First, a titilating set of new set photos from the Los Angeles location shooting of The Dark Knight Rises.  It’s not Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle this time, it’s Batman and Catwoman.  And yes, those be CAT EARS. The lady is now goggle-free, which does give the rest of the outfit a decided Julie Newmar appearance.  But is this the “full Catwoman costume” as Cinemablend, Total Film and others are reporting?

After the notorious goggle picture, Anne Hathaway said we had only seen 10% of the catsuit.  She’s replaced the goggles with a proper cat mask and we have ears.  Does that really constitute a 90% addition, or is this just another tease?

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Gotham Trending thinks it’s likely The Dark Knight Rises may be taking a page from Iron Man and slyly alluding to different costumes before presenting its own new iconic look.


Top Posts of the Week: Catwoman steals the top spot again

We knew when fans found contemporary beauties inadequate  and had to go back to Hepburn to describe the “style, presence and patrician elegance” of Anne Hathaway’s Selina Kyle in those last photos from The Dark Knight Rises set, that it was going to be another week where we’d need two lists, one for the Catwoman material and one for the rest of the Batman universe.  We didn’t even figure on DC Comics relaunched Catwoman #1 making good on its promise to restore the sex appeal to our favorite feline.

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Now, as much as we love Catwoman, if we could focus your attention on just a few minutes on the man in the Bat costume and the world around him, which gives the Catwoman stuff a reason to exist.

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TDKR’s Gary Oldman To Receive Gotham Award Tributes

Gary Oldman is Police Commissioner Gordon in The Dark Knight Rises

Gary Oldman is Commissioner Gordon in The Dark Knight Rises

Batman Begins/The Dark  Knight/The Dark Knight Rises star Gary Oldman (James Gordon) will join Charlize Theron, David Cronenberg and previously announced recipient Tim Rothman as the folks receiving career tributes at this year’s Gotham Independent Film Awards on November 28, 2011

This will be the 21st edition of the awards, which is the first ceremony of awards season.  Nominations for the awards’ seven competitive categories –  Best Feature, Best Documentary, Breakthrough Director, Breakthrough Actor, Best Ensemble Performance, Best Film Not Playing at a Theater Near You and Audience Award – will be announced October 20th.

New York, NY (September 22, 2011) – The Independent Filmmaker Project (IFP), the nation’s oldest and largest organization of independent filmmakers, announced today that Actress, Charlize Theron Director, David Cronenberg and Actor, Gary Oldman, will join previously announced honoree Tom Rothman, Chairman and CEO of Fox Filmed Entertainment, to receive their career tributes at the 21st Annual Gotham Independent Film Awards™ on Monday, November 28th at Cipriani Wall Street, in New York City.

Signaling the official kick-off of the film awards season, the Gotham Independent Film Awards™ is one of the leading awards for independent film. Along with these four tributes, seven competitive awards for Best Feature, Best Documentary, Breakthrough Director, Breakthrough Actor, Best Ensemble Performance, Best Film Not Playing at a Theater Near You and Audience Award will be announced.

This year’s honorees represents a range of individuals – all veterans well-versed in lower-budget independent films and large-scale studio releases.  In addition, the honorees represent some of the year’s most highly anticipated and critically acclaimed films including: Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy from Focus Features (directed by Tomas Alfredson and featuring Gary Oldman); the upcoming Paramount release of Young Adult (directed by Jason Reitman and featuring Charlize Theron) and A Dangerous Method from Sony Pictures Classics (directed by David Cronenberg).

“We are truly honored to pay tribute to four cinematic film luminaries, all of whom have greatly contributed to independent film, and have steadfastly supported the film community in their own individual and unique ways,” said Joana Vicente, Executive Director of the IFP.

Oscar-winner, Charlize Theron, is one of the great actresses of our time. The South African native captivated audiences as female serial killer Aileen Wuornos in Monster for which she received the Independent Spirit Award and the National Broadcast Film Critics Association as well as winning the Golden Globe, Screen Actors Guild, and the Academy Award for Best Actress. Theron’s incredible performance as Josey Aimes in North Country garnered her another set of best actress nominations (Golden Globes, SAG, Critics Choice, and Academy) and she also appeared in HBO’s The Life and Death of Peter Sellers opposite Geoffery Rush, for which she received a Best Supporting Actress nomination from the Golden Globes, Screen Actors Guild Awards and the Emmys.

Moviegoers were first introduced to the seductive charm of Charlize Theron in her feature film debut, 2 Days in the Valley with James Spader. She co-starred alongside Al Pacino and Keanu Reeves in Devil’s Advocate, with Tom Hanks in That Thing You Do and in Jonathan Lynn’s Trial and Error. In addition, Theron starred in Woody Allen’s Celebrity, which she then followed with Mighty Joe Young with Bill Paxton. In 1999, Theron starred in the Oscar nominated The Cider House Rules and in New Line Cinema’s The Astronaut’s Wife with Johnny Depp. Then following in 2000, the much in-demand Theron tackled back-to-back roles in the following movies: Robert Redford’s The Legend of Bagger Vance with Will Smith and Matt Damon, Men of Honor with Robert DeNiro and Cuba Gooding, Jr., John Frankenheimer’s Reindeer Games with Ben Affleck and The Yards co-starring Mark Wahlberg. In 2001, Theron illuminated the screen in the Warner Bros. tearjerker Sweet November alongside Keanu Reeves, as well as in Woody Allen’s Curse of the Jade Scorpion. In the fall of 2002, Theron starred opposite Patrick Swayze in Waking Up in Reno, which she then moved on to star alongside Kevin Bacon in the feature film Trapped, directed by Luis Mandoki.

Next up, Charlize will be starring in Jason Reitman’s Young Adult, written by Diablo Cody and also starring Patton Oswalt, Elizabeth Reaser, and Patrick Wilson.  Recently, Charlize wrapped up filming Prometheus directed by Ridley Scott and is currently filming Snow White and the Huntsman with Kristen Stewart. She was last seen in Guillermo Arriaga’s directorial debut The Burning Plain, co-starring with Kim Basinger, which she also produced.  In addition to producing the Burning Plain through her production company Denver and Delilah, Charlize is developing and executive producing an HBO series called Mind Hunter with director David Lynch.

Director, David Cronenberg’s reputation as an authentic auteur has been firmly established by his uniquely personal body of work which includes Shivers, Rabid, Fast Company, The Brood, Scanners, Videodrome, The Fly, Dead Ringers, Naked Lunch, Crash, eXistenz, The Dead Zone, M. Butterfly, Spider, A History of Violence, Eastern Promises and the recent opera version of The Fly. He is a member of the French Legion d’Honneur, and an Officer in the Order of Canada.  In 1999, he was President of the Jury at the Cannes Film Festival. David is releasing his film, A Dangerous Method, this fall and is in post production on his current project, Cosmopolis.

Earlier this year, at the 2011 Empire Awards, Gary Oldman was honored with the Icon Award for Achievement. An acclaimed presence in motion pictures for 25 years, he is regarded as one of the foremost actors of his generation. Mr. Oldman is known to millions throughout the world for playing Sirius Black (Harry Potter’s godfather), Commissioner Jim Gordon (Batman/Bruce Wayne’s crime-fighting partner), Dracula, Beethoven, Pontius Pilate, Lee Harvey Oswald, Joe Orton, and Sid Vicious, to name just a few of his iconic characterizations.

Over the past 18 years, the U.K. native has appeared in 11 movies that have opened #1 at the box office. As part of the two most successful franchises in movie history, he has appeared in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, directed by Alfonso Cuarón, Mike Newell, and David Yates, respectively; and Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins and The Dark Knight.

Mr. Oldman’s acting career began in 1979, and for several years he worked exclusively in the theatre; from 1985 through 1989, he alternated film work with stage work at London’s Royal Court Theatre. Among his early telefilms were Mike Leigh’s Meantime and the late Alan Clarke’s The Firm.

His features include Alex Cox’s Sid and Nancy; Stephen Frears’ Prick Up Your Ears; Tom Stoppard’s Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead; Phil Joanou’s State of Grace; Oliver Stone’s JFK; Francis Ford Coppola’s Bram Stoker’s Dracula; Peter Medak’s Romeo is Bleeding; Tony Scott’s True Romance; Bernard Rose’s Immortal Beloved; Luc Besson’s The Professional (a.k.a. Leon) and The Fifth Element; Wolfgang Petersen’s Air Force One; the late Marc Rocco’s Murder in the First; Roger Young’s telefilm Jesus; Ridley Scott’s Hannibal; and Albert and Allen Hughes’ The Book of Eli.

With Douglas Urbanski, Mr. Oldman produced the feature Nil by Mouth. The film marked his screenwriting and directing debut, and was selected to world premiere as the opening-night film of the 1997 [50th Anniversary of the] Cannes International Film Festival, at which the film’s leading lady Kathy Burke won for Best Actress. Subsequent honors for Nil by Mouth included the prestigious Channel Four Director’s Prize, at the Edinburgh International Film Festival; six British Independent Film Award (BIFA) nominations, and three wins including for Ms. Burke and her fellow actors Ray Winstone and Laila Morse; the BAFTA Award for Best Original Screenplay, as well as BAFTA’s Alexander Korda Award for the Outstanding British Film of the Year, the latter shared by Mr. Oldman and Mr. Urbanski.

The team’s subsequent productions have included Rod Lurie’s The Contender, starring Joan Allen and Jeff Bridges. The film received two Academy Awards, two Golden Globes, and three Screen Actors Guild Award nominations, including one for Best Supporting Actor (Mr. Oldman). Additionally, the ensemble of The Contender and the writer/director were honored with the Broadcast Film Critics Association’s Alan J. Pakula Award.

Next up for Mr. Oldman will be Tomas Alfredson’s Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy, opening on December 9th; John Hillcoat’s The Wettest County; and Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises, opening in 2012.

This year’s Gotham Awards tribute recipients join a prestigious group of previous honorees including: James Schamus, Bob & Harvey Weinstein, Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Sheila Nevins, David Linde, Jonathan Sehring and film critic Roger Ebert; actors Robert Duvall, Stanley Tucci, Natalie Portman, Javier Bardem, Pénelope Cruz, Hilary Swank and Kate Winslet; filmmakers Darren Aronofsky, Mira Nair, Gus Van Sant, Spike Lee and Martin Scorsese.

Nominees for the 21st Anniversary Gotham Independent Film Awards™ will be announced on October 20th and winners will be honored at a star-studded ceremony at Cipriani Wall Street on November 28th.

The Premier Sponsors of the 21st Annual Gotham Awards™ are Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) and The New York Times. The Presenting Sponsor is Euphoria Calvin Klein and Calvin Klein Collection, with Official Sponsors Heineken USA, Russian Standard Vodka and Andaz Wall Street as well.  Additionally, the awards will be promoted nationally in an eight-page special advertising section in The New York Times on November 18th, 2011.

About Independent Filmmaker Project (IFP)
The Independent Filmmaker Project (IFP) is one of the nation’s oldest and largest not-for-profit advocacy organizations for independent filmmakers.  Since its debut at the 1979 New York Film Festival, IFP has supported the production of over 7,000 films and offered resources to more than 20,000 filmmakers, providing an opportunity for many diverse voices to be heard. IFP believes that independent films enrich the universal language of cinema, seeding the global culture with new ideas, kindling awareness, and fostering activism. The organization has championed early work by pioneering, independent filmmakers, including Charles Burnett, Edward Burns, Jim Jarmusch, Barbara Kopple, Michael Moore, Mira Nair and Kevin Smith.

IFP represents a network of 10,000 filmmakers in New York City and around the world. Through its workshops, seminars, conferences, mentorships and Filmmaker Magazine, IFP schools its members in the art, technology and business of independent filmmaking.  The year-round program includes an Independent Film Week, The Gotham Awards, Filmmaking Labs and Seminars, and a range of programs to promote racial, ethnic, religious, ideological, gender and sexual diversity. IFP, often in collaboration with other cultural institutions, builds audiences by hosting premieres and special screenings.  The IFP fosters the development of 300 feature and documentary films each year. Recently, the organization licensed the popular Festival Genius software platform through which IFP now reaches over 200,000 film fans worldwide.

For more information:
About the Gotham Independent Film Awards™
The Gotham Independent Film Awards, selected by distinguished juries and presented in New York City, the home of independent film, are the first honors of the film awards season. This public showcase honors the filmmaking community, expands the audience for independent films, and supports the work that IFP does behind the scenes throughout the year to bring such films to fruition.

‘The Dark Knight’ Producer Set to Adapt Graphic Novel ‘Langley High’ |

Atlas Entertainment, the company backed by The Dark Knight producer Charles Roven, just recently made moves into the independent film arena with the dramatic dark comedy Revenge for Jolly, which will feature Elijah Wood, Kristen Wiig and many more. Now Roven and producer/Atlas executive Alex Gartner are working on yet another project as Deadline reports the producing duo have optioned Langley High, a forthcoming graphic novel from J.C. Spink and Christoper Cosmos from the management and production company Benderspink. Plot details on what seems a young adult spy thriller can be found below.


The story follows a student from Langley High, located 1.7 miles from CIA headquarters (I’m not sure why the precise distance is mentioned), whose father is captured in Russia and thus disavowed as a CIA agent. The student is then forced to team with an undercover CIA agent teacher from the high school and goes on a mission of revenge. Though Roven has big franchise under his belt that include Christopher Nolan’s lauded Batman series and Zack Snyder’s forthcoming take on Man of Steel, Gartner has had successes of his own with Get Smart and The Bank Job. Sounds like this will be geared towards teens, but if it can stay away from turning out like Abduction starring Taylor Lautner, then it has hope to turn into something decent.


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