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Represents a baseline for Cat-related keys and other analytics, along with some favorite links I throw in for fun.

Best characterization of Selina Kyle the Catwoman to be found anywhere.

Catwoman Begins
A brilliant and satisfying Catwoman origin that makes sense.

Catwoman Comic Books
Sadly, the situation with Catwoman’s appearance in comics for the last 10 years is even worse than those of Batman.

Catwoman Comics

Catwoman Costume
A history of the Catwoman costume. Yes, fans really do call the current costume “the goggle disaster.”

Definitive Catwoman
Tags for The Definitive Catwoman Artwork

Catwoman Costume (2)
DC shills use the same talking points trying to defend the goggle costume that they did 10 years ago.

Catwoman DC Comics
DC’s mismanagement of this character and the bad will they have created staggers the imagination.

Catwoman Elseworld
An Elseworld is a comic book term for “Imaginary stories.” But aren’t they all?

Catwoman Fan Fiction
The best Catwoman stories in the last 10 years are not coming out of DC comics, they’re coming out of a particular circle of fan fiction writers.

Definitive Catwoman History
Tags the definitive history of catwoman

Catwoman Fanfic

Catwoman Feed
some of these really are self-explanatory.

Catwoman Origin
Poignant and psychologically satisfying. A credit to the character.

Definitive Catwoman Origin
Tags the definitive origin of catwoman

Catwoman Romance

Catwoman Romantic Comedy
The best Catwoman romance hasn’t come out of DC either.

Catwoman Sociology
Brilliant study of what depictions of Catwoman reveal about those doing the depicting

Catwoman Stories
Some of these really are self-explanatory.

Catwoman Tales
No, honestly, some of these really are self-explanatory.

Catwoman When in Rome
by Jeph Loeb, drawn by Tim Sale, pretty much the only official Catwoman product to come out of the comics division in 10 years that fans don’t deplore. Sad that editors had to mar it by inserting a line into the final page just to plant the flag for their exploitive universally-loathed origin.

Catwoman Women’s Studies
Really, some of these really are self-explanatory.

Catwoman Year One
Once again, some of these really are self-explanatory.

Yahoo Pipe: Catwoman
Great pipe of news from the top RSS feeds for news related to Batman

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