TDKR Scoop Batwing sighting in Pittsburgh « What the Hell is that?!

Is that the batwing? I really have no idea. I’m going to go with Batwing. It’s in Pittsburgh and it’s not something you see every day on the expressway, so it’s got to be something Batmany.

News: What The Hell Is That?!

I’m loving Chris Nolan filming The Dark Knight Rises in Pittsburgh. Seems every other day we’re greeted with leaked pics, just like this one –


The Dark Knight Rises Batwing Sighting in Pittsburgh

What the slippery flip is that?! Speculation if rife that it’s the Batwing. I shan’t argue. Whatever it is, the thing looks a beast.

The Dark Knight Rises opens on the 20th July 2012 and is probably gonna be the best thing ever.

Source: Den Of Geek

via News: What The Hell Is That?! « The Shootening.


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08/12/2011 at 5:47 am

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