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Kim Kardashian Dons Sexy Burton-Style Catwoman Suit for Halloween

Can’t blame Kim Kardashian for wanting to dress as Catwoman for this year’s Batman-themed Halloween shindig when she went as Poison Ivy to a non-theme party last year.  Also can’t fault her for rejecting Christopher Nolan’s angry, bitter version of Selina Kyle in favor of the Michelle Pfeifer costume, sporting claws instead of a gun, and an attitude more befitting the queen of Gotham’s Night.


Kim Kardashian flaunted her best assets in a skin-tight Catwoman PVC suit. The reality star joined boyfriend Kanye West and her family for a Halloween bash at LIV at Fountainebleau in Miami Beach on Wednesday, October 31 night.

Kim was into the character so much that she posed for the photographers with her claws on and her lips pouted. She arrived at the party in a gold Lamborghini with Kanye who was dressed as Batman. Kim’s version of Catwoman is more of the design worn by Michelle Pfeiffer in 1992’s “Batman Returns” while Kanye kept his costume simple with a Batman mask and a balaclava to cover his face.

via Kim Kardashian Dons Sexy Catwoman Suit for Halloween.

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Top Posts of the Week: From Oh So Sexy Anne Hathaway to Oh So Hepburn Selina Kyle, with Oh So Green Kim Kardashian in between, this week was all about the women of Gotham

The women of Gotham City dominated this week’s top posts, from Anne Hathaway’s ever popular runway appearance in a see-through blouse to Kim Kardashian dressed as an Uma Thurman Poison Ivy last halloween to Selina Kyle’s “Very Hepburn” appearance on the set in haute couture chanel, so classy no one could decide if it was more Katherine or Audrey…

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Top Posts of the Week: Despite Kim Kardashian and Justin Bieber’s best efforts, The Dark Knight Rises still dominates Gotham Trending

Despite Kim Kardashian’s Poison Ivy costume and Justin Bieber’s Batmobile, the top posts of the week were what we’ve come to expect: Anne Hathaway’s sexy best as Catwoman, Christian Bale’s Batman and Tom  Hardy’s Bane of The Dark Knight Rises, assorted complaints about Arkham City struggling to be heard over the hype machine, and an understandable continued interest in Batman/Catwoman and Joker/Harley Cosplay at Comic-Con and an inexplicable continued interest in Riddler Converse.

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Kim Kardashian’s Uma Thurman-style Poison Ivy on Halloween

It’s always surprising when someone who has the budget to do anything they want adopts a look from the deplorable Joel Schumacher abortion Batman and Robin.  But hot on the heels of Batman LIVE’s unspeakably bad costuming choices, reality star Kim Kardashian opted for an Uma Thurman Poison Ivy this Halloween.  She certainly has the body for an Uma Thurman homage, but we would have rather seen her as The Bride or that chick from Pulp Fiction.

Kim Kardashian as the Uma Thurman Poison Ivy from Batman and Robin, Halloween 2011

The reality star decided to take the comic book villain route this year and dressed as Batman nemesis Poison Ivy for the Midori Green party in New York.

“Glamming up for my Midori Halloween party at Lavo tonight! I have bright red hair! OMG this is kray!” she tweeted before heading out.

While husband Kris Humphries didn’t make it the party, Kardashian’s best friend Jonathan Cheban kept with her Batman theme and dressed up as Batman sidekick Robin.  via HuffPo.

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