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More on Catwoman in Batman: Arkham City

Rocksteady may have finally noticed which way the wind was blowing, because yesterday’s round of press about Catwoman as a playable character in Batman: Arkham City takes care to distance itself from the disastrous Volume II Catwoman title from DC Comics

“The curvy on-again off-again villain isn’t concerned with cleaning up the streets like Batman, her primary focus is looting Gotham City of everything that isn’t nailed down.” —More from Game Rant »

The game hit an unexpected bit of fan resistance for using the notoriously unpopular goggle-costume associated with the current depiction in comics.

Yesterday’s trailer emphasizes that Catwoman is a thief and how this inspired several game features for her character:

 As he began to maneuver the feline fatale around the city Ginn noted that one of Rocksteady’s key priorities around the character was to think on how she would uniquely interact with the city. Obviously Catwoman is a complicated lady who’s not quite a hero but not a villain on the level of a Joker. In the end she’s pretty much out for herself and sees Arkham City as the perfect chance to do what she does best, thieve like there’s no tomorrow. The chaos of Arkham City provides her plenty of opportunities to do that, which tie into her part of the narrative which is very distinct from Batman’s. The team wanted to ensure players wouldn’t feel as though they were controlling Batman with a curvier skin. As a result you can expect decidedly different ways to get around the city, examine the environment, and fight with enemies. Since she lacks a nifty cape and grapple line, Catwoman will take a much more physical approach to getting around that relies on her trusty whip, parkour-like moves, and good old fashioned climbing and jumping. The demo highlighted the nimble and graceful way Catwoman will get around, and teased what appears to be a scoring system for how she moves around. During the demo as Catwoman picked up speed and made her way across rooftops we saw point totals appear at points during her leaping. Ginn noted the points will be awarded based on a players skill for moving through the city.

In keeping with Catwoman’s grabby ways, she’ll have a secondary vision mode a la detective mode but with a slight twist. Given her priorities she’s not really one to sweat all the fine details Batman would when looking at the city as a detective would. Instead the feline antihero has thief vision which highlights all the useful info she’ll need to steal. You’ll see what to steal and relevant points to help you steal it.

Finally, while she’s agile and stealthy, there are times when a leather clad thief has to just bust out her whip and kick in a few heads. The demo showed off an encounter with enemies on the street that saw her use her hands and a modest array of three gadgets, which included a bolo, to deal with her foes. Her combat moves were a fluid mix of punches and kicks, given a slightly vampy twist, which ended in some painful but oh-so-cool-looking finishers. More from Gamespot »