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The Dark Knight Concept Art illuminates dark origins of Joker’s Bank Robbery Gang


While posting these rarely seen pieces of concept art from “The Dark Knight,” that were created by Rob Bliss (“Watchmen”), I realized there was a segment of Christopher Nolan’s recent Q&A session that was pertinent and that I hadn’t yet posted. To catch you up, Nolan was at the Water Reade Theater in New York’s Lincoln Center as a special guest of the Film Society, he discussed working with Heath Ledger and specifically the filming of the opening scene where we are first introduced to Batman’s nemesis. You can either watch the video below or just read the transcript, both are provided.

via THE DARK KNIGHT Concept Art Featuring Two-Face & Joker’s Bank Robbery Gang.

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12/06/2012 at 3:36 pm

Rocksteady: Bat-GADGETS!!! (Pay no attention to the Rogues behind the curtain)

Rocksteady continues to try to divert attention from the deplorable character designs for Catwoman, Penguin, Riddler and others in its upcoming release Batman: Arkham City, sequel to the justly popular Arkham Asylum.  Since the release of the first trailer showing Catwoman as a playable character, but in a fan-loathed goggled costume from the comics and conspicuously unnatural skin-tone and make-up, fans have been grumbling.  “The Epic Fail of Catwoman’s Costume has been discussed at length.  The fact that they have alternate skins for EVERY OTHER PLAYABLE CHARACTER EXCEPT HER only adds insult to injury,” complained one fan.  “Penguin looks like an Orcish overseer,” said another.  “He looks like Grishnakh! “Wot about their legs? They dun need those! Oo they look taaasteey!”  And as for Riddler?  “looks like the dude from the 40 Year Old Virgin after a bad divorce: he’s been dumped, stopped shaving, started chainsmoking. Smells like cheap cologne and Jack Daniels.”

What’s a game maker to do?  Address the issue?  No, far better to follow the lead of DC Comics and pretend it doesn’t exist.  Dazzle the gullible masses with some concept art of the Bat-Gadgets.  That’s the ticket…

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We here at Gotham Trending actually like the look of all the Bat-Tech, but we can’t pretend we don’t see what Rocksteady is doing and we can’t pretend it doesn’t insult our intelligence.

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Bane Mask, Other Batman Items coming up for sale in Movie Memorabilia Auction

Bane Mask, Batman and Robin 1997, Premiere Props Movie Memorabilia Auction

Bane Mask, Batman and Robin 1997, Premiere Props Movie Memorabilia Auction

Don’t get too excited, it’s the Bane mask from the 1997  Batman and Robin, and only one of dozens of Batman-related collector’s items coming up for sale at Premiere Props’ Live Auction Extravaganza II July 30 & 31

Featuring over 1100 iconic movie and music memorabilia for an incredible 2-day live auction event. From Michael Jackson’s personally owned and worn Swarovski Crystal Glove, stage worn crystal riding helmet, fedoras and jackets, to Ringo Stars’ personal 1968 Cherry Apple Red classic Mustang with original pink slip to major props and costumes from Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Gremlins, Pirates of The Caribbean, Batman, The Ten Commandments, iconic dress worn by Sarah Jessica Parker in the feature film Sex & The City, Justin Bieber’s autographed jeans and so much more!

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Among the stellar items for sale

Original Concept art: Catwoman’s Dressed to Kill episode from
Batman TV series (1966-1968)

Original Concept Art Catwoman Dressed to Kill, Premiere Props Movie Memorabilia Auction

Original Concept Art Catwoman Dressed to Kill, Premiere Props Movie Memorabilia Auction, July 2011

A production made full head lifecasting of Michael Keaton as Batman (1989)

A collection of original storyboards, many hand drawn, from Tim Burton’s 1989 Batman detailing The Joker’s parade.

1989 Batmobile: A large sized production made Batmobile casting for the radio controlled miniature of Batman’s car.

An original hand drawn sketch of the Batcave from the production of the movie Batman Forever (1995)

Production made, light up Riddler hat with electronics inside and the Riddler Cane Custom made for Jim Carey. Batman Forever (1995)

Batarang: A heavy solid steel production made Batarang from Batman and Robin (1997)Batmobile Concept Art Batman 1989 Premiere Props Movie Memorabilia Auction

Bane Mask: An original screen used, foam latex, plastic and fiberglass mask worn by “Jeep” Swensen who played Bane

And the only item from a Christopher Nolan Batman movie:
A production made full head lifecasting of Christian Bale as Batman/Bruce Wayne, Batman Begins (2005)

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More Batman than Arkham City on AC artwork

Batman Arham City artwork

Batman Arham City artwork released in yet another grab at the spotlight

Batman: Arkham City is beginning to seem like an insecure child acting out for attention.  The lengthy gameplay preview and live interviews  at E3 drew renewed criticism about Catwoman’s appearance in an unpopular costume, as well as a level of grim and grittiness in the game’s scenario that was “simply preposterous” and “bordered on ridiculous.”

The original game Batman: Arkham Asylum had the Dark Knight battling the Joker in a plausible scenario that the inmates had taken over the asylum.  In Arkham City, prisons and asylums have been abandoned in favor of sectioning off portions of the city to complete lawlessness. “It gets kind of ridiculous,” said one AA fan who said he stopped reading Batman comics when they became that preposterous.

Since the largely positive but measured reaction at E3, Rocksteady released Catwoman wallpaper, then announced that Tim Drake’s Robin would be a player character.  The announcement came in a rushed fashion on their forums rather than in a press release, indicating it might have been announced ahead of schedule.

Now they have followed up that announcement by releasing the cover art for the game.  It really seems like heads were swelled by the unqualified praise for Arkham Asylum and the Rocksteady few got the idea they could do no wrong.

The initial call for fans to tell them “What Arkham City Imagery did you see that made you go WOW!” that brought the first “Epic fail” shock about Catwoman’s costume.

Batman: Arkham City announces another playable character

Batman: Arkham City Robin a second player character after Catwoman

Tim Drake's Robin an unlockable player character in Arkham City

Rocksteady has announced that the Tim Drake Robin will be a playable character in the “new and improved challenge mode” in Batman:Arkham City.   Details are promised next week: if he will be a pre-order perk or platform specific the way Joker was in Arkham Asylum.

The lack of details in this pre-announcement hints that the news may have been bumped up because the announcement of Catwoman as a player character the week before E3 drew a lesser reaction than was hoped for.  Her trailer, followed by the gameplay preview at E3 renewed fan grumbles about her appearance, as well as the enhanced darkness of the game’s scenario.  “The first game was set in an asylum, and this is grimmer?” complained one viewer.

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