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Anne Hathaway Wears Sexy Backless, Beaded Dress at Les Miserables London Premiere


Anne Hathaways back was front and center in London at the Wednesday Nov. 5  (sec) premiere of Les Miserables.Hitting the red carpet for the epic film musical based on the classic Broadway show, the newlywed star, 30, made a dramatic appearance in a white Givenchy gown featuring pearl details, draped, off-the-shoulder sleeves — and a rear hemline that completely exposed the actress back, famously slimmed down from rigorous dieting for the intense role.


She must like white for premieres as she wore the color to the New York premiere of The Dark Knight Rises and London Premiere of One Day

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12/06/2012 at 2:50 pm

Top Posts of the Week: Bale Hathaway and Hardy, wash rinse and repeat

With the expected glut of Top Everything of 2011 lists and post-holiday lull in news, there was a fallback on older pictures and stories, such as Christian Bale “looking incredibly GQ as Bruce Wayne” and pre-TDKR Anne Hathaway looking unspeakably sexy in a see-through blouse, as well as set photos of Tom Hardy’s Bane from the location shooting in Pittsburgh, and a smattering of old stories on the Batmobile and Arkham City disappointments.  The only exception was the LA Times lack of discretion spoiling a scene from The Dark  Knight Rises just to set the scene for an Anne Hathaway interview.

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