“Beware the Batman” Teaser

After Tim Burton’s 1989 Batman brought the Dark Knight from the comic shops into a new age of mainstream popularity unseen since the 60s, Batman: The Animated Series was launched, infused with and visual and style of Burton’s, and borrowing elements of Michael Keaton’s performance.  Its early years so reflected the sensibility of the movie, it achieved its own iconic status.  Not so The Batman, which launched at the same time as Christopher Nolan’s rebooting of the franchise with Batman begins.  The Batman reflected none of Nolan’s vision and was rejected by fans of both the classic depiction of the characters and of the new movies.

Now Christopher Nolan is poised to catapult the franchise even beyond the heights of Begins and its sequel The Dark Knight.  The Dark Knight Rises is the most keenly anticipated movie of 2012, and the internet buzz has been building for over a year.  It is clearly time for a new cartoon based on this definitive and iconic 21st Century view of Batman.

Is Beware the Batman it?  This brief teaser trailer looks promising, as does the absence of Paul Dini or Bruce Timm, whose Batman-related efforts since those glory days of the early 1990s have been disappointing.


Written by Gotham Trending

04/18/2012 at 9:10 am

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