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This Preview has been approved for Studio Brass

There is a lot of Dark Knight Rises news we don’t report no matter how much Twitter or Facebook action it gets, simply because there is no actual news beneath the headline, other than the fact that Christopher Nolan is making another Batman movie, which we knew.    Seriously, if you’re our buddy and you were, say, a stuntman on the set and you saw Christian Bale or Anne Hathaway there, in costume, we’d buy you a beer.  Even though you couldn’t tell us anything because of the NDA you signed, we’d still buy you a beer because, as a friend, we’d share your enthusiasm at this very exciting thing that happened to you.  But we wouldn’t write an article about it because, see above, we already know Nolan is making this movie, we know Bale and Hathaway are playing Batman and Catwoman, and we’d kind of expect them to be on the set at some point in costume.  It’s cool, but it’s not news.

Now, Hollywood Reporter is the movie trade publication and has enough real news to report that they seldom indulge in pointless non-news tidbits.  The stories don’t always mean what they literally say, there are sometimes coded messages being transmitted or flat out misdirection in which HR are willing participants or innocent dupes.  But the stories do usually mean something.  Hence, despite the Captain Obvious bulletin that, at some point, the studio brass at Warner Bros. would want to see the movie in which a couple hundred million dollars is being invested, we bring you…

Director Christopher Nolan has completed The Dark Knight Rises.

Or a rough cut of it, at least.

Sources tell The Hollywood Reporter that Nolan on Friday presented his first cut of 2012’s most-anticipated film to top Warner Bros. executives, including film chief Jeff Robinov and production president Greg Silverman.

The movie doesn’t open until July 20, but Nolan has allowed himself plenty of time to fine-tune the film as he and the brass see fit. Sources say Nolan has been a fixture on the Warners lot during the past few days after finishing a monthslong shoot and editing process. The follow-up to 2008’s $1 billion-grossing The Dark Knight was filmed in locations as diverse as Los Angeles, New York, New Jersey and Pittsburgh as well as in parts of India and the U.K.

The movie opens a week after July’s Comic-Con convention, which Nolan has never attended. Nolan’s previous tentpole movies – Batman Begins, The Dark Knight and Inception – have opened before Comic-Con during their respective summers, but in light of the latest movie’s release date, speculation has already begun that this year will be different.

Christopher Nolan Screens ‘Dark Knight Rises’ for Warner Bros. Brass – Hollywood Reporter.


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