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Arkham City’s continued embarrassment

Apparently jealous of the Mass Effect 3 flop, the previous sequel to disappoint fans of the original on an epic scale: Arkham City has reached new depths of desperation.  The latest cries for attention for Rocksteady’s disastrous Bat-Failure is a port.  That’s right, they’re advertising a port as a wild innovation fans are thrilled over.

Epic Games VP Mark Rein has apparently seen both Batman: Arkham City and Aliens: Colonial Marines running on the Wii U.

Sadly we don’t have any concrete details to share about these two titles. But at GDC last week, Epic Games VP Mark Rein did tease how Arkham City makes “fantastic use of the touch controller. Rein also said that the Wii U version will not be a straight port.

Batman: Arkham City will presumably launch alongside the Wii U later this year.

via Nintendo Everything.

The sequel to the justly popular Batman: Arkham Asylum outraged fans with a Catwoman bait-and-switch, advertising her as a major component in the game, draped over Batman, and delivering her as only a downloadable optional character who could be omitted, while Talia al Ghul was presented as a love interest.  Since this kind of stunt  was indicative of Paul Dini’s stint editing the print comics, we are forced to conclude the intent was malicious, although what motivates this company to sabotage its own products by setting out to provoke fans remains a mystery.

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03/12/2012 at 10:39 am