Top Posts of the Week: Who beats Bane week after week? It’s not Batman. It’s Catwoman.

Batman may or may not beat Bane, but you know who does week after week?  Anne Hathaway – Selina Kyle – Catwoman.  Week after week.  All i takes is a see-through blouse.  Here she is again, settled in at Number 1.

  1. Anne Hathaway, Selina Kyle/Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises: so very good at being bad (via Sexy Girls Dressed)
  2. The Dark Knight Rises Set Photos: Bane
  3. Christian Bale is Bruce Wayne / Batman in The Dark Knight Rises
  4. batman-merchandise-the-dark-knight-joker-tshirt-why-so-serious
  5. Arkham City Epic Fail on Catwoman Costume
  6. Batman and Catwoman Cosplay: The Best of Dragon Con
  7. The Dark Knight Rises Stars Bale and Hathaway on set
  8. Batman Merch: Joker Tshirt of the Day | TDW Geeks
  9. Arkham City gets it all wrong: Edward Nygma
  10. Newest Stills from TDKR
  11. Bane Mask, Other Batman Items coming up for sale in Movie Memorabilia Auction
  12. The Dark Knight Rises: New Poster and a menu on Official Website

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