The costumes in Dark Knight Rises are pretty amaz … wait, these are Oregon’s Rose Bowl uniforms?

The Dark Knight Rises - No wait, that's Nike?

The Dark Knight Rises - No wait, that's Nike?

This has nothing to do with The Gotham Rogues or Bane’s assault on Gotham Stadium/Heinz field.  We would have said it was a simple case of Nike Pro or Off the Bench standing next to the popular kid, using the interest in The Dark Knight Rises to bring a little of the spotlight their way for Phil Knight “Nike Pro Combat experiments” except this stuff really looks like the Dark Knight inspiration started back on the drawing board, not writing the press release.  Check out the “liquid black metal finish”, “armored wing design,” and “chaine maille mesh” for the back, arms and sides.

Note: I’m pretty sure the wings aren’t an actual part of Oregon’s new Rose Bowl uniforms, but when it comes to Phil Knight Nike Pro Combat experiments, one never knows. Well, here you go Wisconsin: deal with this.

Liquid black metal finish. Armored wing design that will go under the shoulder pads (whatever that means). “Chain Maille Mesh” on the back, arms and sides. More views at Nike’s Facebook page (check out the helmet).

Oh, and the numbers will shift colors as the player moves.

Nike is based in Oregon and Knight, the company’s co-founder, former CEO and current chairman, is a Ducks alum. But he also graduated from the Stanford School of Business … you should see the wild suits those students wear.

via Off the Bench.

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