#TDKR composer Hans Zimmer teases a Selina Kyle/Catwoman theme in The Dark Knight Rises score

In an interview with MTV, The Dark Knight Rises composer Hans Zimmer answers a question about Selina Kyle/Catwoman’s theme saying:

She will have (one), she doesn’t yet.  That’s got something to do with ‘I haven’t written it yet.”

Apparently the award-winning composer who has done all Nolan’s oeuvre, including  previous Batman outings: Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, has too many ideas, which certainly sounds promising for us.

The Dark Knight Rises is Christopher Nolan’s third and final installment of his Batman trilogy, starring Christian Bale (Batman/Bruce Wayne), Anne Hathaway (Selina Kyle/Catwoman), Tom Hardy (Bane), Gary Oldman, Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman, and other Nolan alums Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Marion Cotillard, to be released by Warner Bros. July 2012.

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12/25/2011 at 7:48 am

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