Top Posts of the Week: It’s the Big 3 all the way Bale/Batman, Hathaway/Catwoman and Hardy/Bane

In the last shopping days before Christmas, not a lot of Batman merchandise made it into the Internet consciousness.  A few lingering boos and hisses aimed at Arkham City as the Bat-letdown of the year, and the Riddler Converse shoes got some traction, but for the most part, the collective consciousness is fully occupied with The Dark Knight Rises, its prologue and trailer.  We don’t know what to expect from the movie itself, but it’s clear what fans are most interested in.  By a wide margin, it’s the big 3: Batman/Christian Bale, Catwoman/Selina/Anne Hathaway and Tom Hardy/Bane.

  1. Christian Bale is Bruce Wayne / Batman in The Dark Knight Rises
  2. Anne Hathaway, Selina Kyle/Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises: so very good at being bad (via Sexy Girls Dressed)
  3. The Dark Knight Rises Set Photos: Bane
  4. The Dark Knight Rises Prologue: Leaked and Plugged
  5. The Dark Knight Rises Gotham Stadium Video
  6. Script pages from The Dark Knight Rises “leaked” (Not exactly, but they’re letting us know what Bane was saying)
  7. Batman and Catwoman Cosplay: The Best of Dragon Con
  8. Overheard on the Social Networks: Selina Kyle is “Very Hepburn”
  9. Why I’m passing on Arkham City
  10. The Dark Knight Rises: Batman’s plane the Batwing
  11. Arkham City Epic Fail on Catwoman
  12. Batman Merch: Riddler Converse

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