The Dark Knight Rises Prologue: Leaked and Plugged

The Dark Knight Rises Prologue Leaked

It was bound to happen, last night The Daily Blam in between the official Nolan screenings of The Dark Knight Rises prologue and the first Operation Early Bird advanced screenings, the 6-minutes of footage from the start of 2012’s most anticipated movie was leaked online by The Daily Blam.  Warner Bros. has since had it removed, and while we at Gotham Trending play the spoiler game as much as any fans, we applaud their swift action.  This material should be seen by everybody on the big screen the first time around, as the makers intended.

The Dark Knight viral in 2007 did release the Joker robbing Gotham National Bank sequence online as part of the complex alternate reality game, but only after viewers had the opportunity of seeing it on I Am Legend.

The general public may see The Dark Knight Rises prologue on IMAX screens showing Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol beginning Friday, December 16

The Dark Knight Rises is Christopher Nolan’s third and final installment of his Batman trilogy, starring Christian Bale (Batman/Bruce Wayne), Anne Hathaway (Selina Kyle/Catwoman), Tom Hardy (Bane), Gary Oldman, Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman, and other Nolan alums Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Marion Cotillard, to be released by Warner Bros. July 2012

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