Operation Early Bird begins TODAY

So remember that CIA memo posted yesterday, introducing a viral plot about the disappearance of one Dr. Leonid Pavel, a “mad scientist” played by Alon Abutbul in The Dark Knight Rises? Well since that post, two other CIA memos have arrived online — the latter of which teases an event called Operation Early Bird, which is set to launch today: Friday, at 10am PST.


the-dark-knight-rises-viral-leaked-cia-memo-2-operation-early-bird-to-go-liveThere’s no word on what Operation Early Bird is, though we do know that beginning on December 16th folks will be able to see a 7-minute prologue for The Dark Knight Rises in front of Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol IMAX screenings. is speculating that fans will bet a chance to see the prologue first, which is somewhat unlikely, or will get to see  a different trailer or footage, which is even less likely.

Most probably it will be a snippet for the trailer, just enough to drive the twitterverse insane and drive them to see the full thing on Ghost Protocol

Whatever it is, fans of the film might want to make sure they’re online tomorrow at 10am PST. Watch the site and The Fire Rises Twitter account for more info, and we’ll of course update when we know more.

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