The Batmobile: The History of Batman’s Car

A pictoral history of The Batmobile from the earliest comics through every movie and cartoon incarnation, courtesy of

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Batmobile Quotes:

“Chicks dig the car.”
Val Kilmer in Batman Forever

It might not be the stupidest line in movie history, and it might not even be the worst in the Joel Schumacher movies, but it was a pivotal moment signaling that another Batman franchise had fallen into the hands of those whose lack of understanding was about to ruin it.

“Does it come in black.”
Christian Bale in Batman Begins

A marked improvement, even if the car itself wasn’t.  Bruce’s boyish enjoyment of the vehicle almost overcame the aesthetic horror he was wasting it on.

“The Tumbler is now tumbler giblets.  Can we get a good car now?”
One of the wittier bloggers after The Dark Knight.

We agree.  And since the man has a penchant for Lamborghinis…

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