Batman Merch: Golden Age Batman, Joker, Silver Age Batgirl, in Batman Legacy series from Mattel

We’re all for the Golden Age Batman and Joker, and the Silver Age Batgirl is certainly a welcome offering to those of us who remember the wonderful Batman Family comics featuring Barbara’s Batgirl and Dick Grayson’s Robin.  Mr. Freeze, well fine.  But we can’t figure out the thinking at Action Figure World with that last  comment.

Batman Action Figures Legacy Series Golden Age Batman, Golden Age Joker

We’ve got Golden Age JOKER, Silver Age MR. FREEZE and Modern Age BATMAN in the first series of BATMAN LEGACY figure from Mattel. If you’ve been upset by the whole reboot thing, then you might appreciate a throwback to the way things were–if only in one of these great figures. Check them out, available individually or as a 3-figure set.


And if you like those, then you might want to pre-order one of the next series, which includes Golden Age Batman, Silver Age Batgirl and Modern Age (of course) Catman!  viaAction Figure World.

Of course Catman?  We have nothing against him, but have to wonder how such a curious choice came about.  Are we missing something?


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11/29/2011 at 12:39 pm

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