Top Posts of the Week: Arkham City’s 15 minutes are up. TDKR back on top. Interest keen in Batman-Bane fight and all Dark Knight location shooting.

Looks like Arkham City’s 15 minutes are up.  The week was full of interest in The Dark Knight Rises filming, particularly the Batman/Bane fight, and the  unflagging interest in anything involving Anne Hathaway, Catwoman and the word ‘sexy.’  Old pictures from the location shooting in Pittsburgh months ago are getting more requests than anything pertaining to the game released only last week.  It is quite an anti-climax after their months of relentless  hype.

  1. The Dark Knight Rises Location Photos: Batman/Bane Fight
  2. The Dark Knight Rises Set Photos: Bane
  3. Anne Hathaway, Selina Kyle/Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises: so very good at being bad (via Sexy Girls Dressed)
  4. Candid set photos: Batman, Catwoman, Commissioner Gordon from the set of The Dark Knight Rises
  5. Arkham City Epic Fail on Catwoman Costume
  6. Batman Merch: Riddler Converse
  7. New Set Photos from The Dark Knight Rises: Christian Bale/Bruce Wayne looking very Wall Street and Joseph Gordon-Levitt looking very much like a cop
  8. The Dark Knight Rises Location Photos: Batman/Batsuit #TDKR
  9. DC Reboot Catwoman #1 – Wrong costume is a warning sign to fans but characterization sounds like an improvement
  10. Production Images from #TDKR NYC Locations |
  11. Why I’m passing on Arkham City
  12. Hot New Location Photos: Not Bruce and Selina this time. It’s Batman and Catwoman IN FULL COSTUME (or is it?)

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