DC Comics announces New 52 Hardcover

Everything depends on DC Comics winning back lost fans with their reboot/relaunch “The New 52” in time for an upsurge in popularity created by The Dark Knight Rises.  The failure to erase offenses like Damien Wayne (cited by failed comic shop owners as one of the 3 episodes that cost them the most customers), plus former Batman  editor Paul Dini’s “fingerprints” all over the disappointments with Arkham City do not bode well for the success of the operation thus far.  But DC soldiers on, with announcements like this:

dc-comics-the-new-52-everything-depends-on-winning-back-fans-lost-by-mishandling-iconic-charactersOver the course of the next year, DC Comics will release at least 52 collected editions of their New 52 titles. In addition to their previously-announced oversized hardcover collecting all 52 first issues (available in December), DC announced today via its blog The Source that there will be 51 more collected editions between May and November of 2012, accounting for all but one of their launch titles. Mini- and maxi-series such as Penguin: Pain and Prejudice, The Shade and Huntress were not accounted for which is unsurprising since they’re technically not part of the 52, but the absence of the much-touted and well-liked Wonder Woman series by Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang is more surprising….Go to for the rest of the article.

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It is the old problem: something new for committed collectors to buy, but nothing to entice the lost readers if they are not already pleased.


The long-term mishandling of Batman and his related characters, Catwoman in particular, has been instrumental in the mass-defection of long-term comics fans and subsequent failure of comic shops during the economic downturn.  There is little question that the comics giant understands it must be poised to take advantage of interest The Dark Knight Rises will bring to these characters if it is to survive.  It’s failure to take advantage of the unprecedented popularity generated by The Dark Knight and its viral in 2008 is widely speculated to have brought about the restructuring which placed the comics division under Warner Bros. control rather than the Time Warner publishing arm.  A second failure could well mean a permanent shutdown of print comics, rather than allow the rogue division to go on damaging valuable corporate properties.  More »

It is a misconception that they wiped out 75 years of comic book history, the rich heritage of Superman and Batman, etc. They wiped all that out in 1985. What they wiped out 2 weeks ago is all the garbage that’s happened since. And it has been garbage. Stunts, poor storytelling, disrespect for the characters, the fans and the medium have driven away loyal readers. It came to a head in 2008. The tiny comic book division had gone largely unnoticed by parent company Time Warner because its earnings were insignificant. The damage it could do creating bad will around billion dollar properties like Batman were not. It was in 2008 when Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight and its viral by 42 Entertainment brought the Caped Crusader’s mainstream popularity to heights not seen since Batmania of the 1960s, Time Warner became aware of just how badly DC Comics Batman editor Paul Dini and head writer Grant Morrison had been insulting, angering and offending fans of The Batman and related characters like Catwoman.

More promising is the rumor that Norm Breyfogle is being courted to return to a Batman book.  Recognized as one of the only great old school Batman artists still living, Breyfogle’s inclusion in the pre-relaunch Retro-Active series was an irresistible lure to those lost Batman fans.

But can they hope for a repeat if he is drawing a Batman tainted by the last years of fan-abuse and disappointment?

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