More Arkham City delays for PC

DSO gaming is reporting more delays for Arkham City for the PC.  Originally slated for November 15th, it has now been pushed back to November 18th in Europe and November 25th in the U.S.

Delays releasing Batman Arkham City for the PC saves some players from Catwoman bait and switch

The news has given disgruntled XBox and PS3 buyers a chance to vent their anger over the “Catwoman bait and switch” wherein Catwoman, who was promoted as a primary part of the game and pictured back to back with Batman was revealed to be an optional add on who therefore has no impact on the main story and little interaction with Batman.

The PC players are lucky” said one disgruntled buyer.  “They will (know) what they’re getting (NO CATWOMAN in the main story and Talia al Ghul traipsing around as a love interest for godsake!) thanks to the rest of us that fell for the bait and switch.

I will never spend another penny on this franchise or anything with (Paul) Dini’s name on it.

“They sold us one story and delivered another”


Written by Gotham Trending

11/06/2011 at 6:32 am

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