Another one to file under “Hey, Arkham City, You really should have had this in class!”

Another one to file under “Hey, Arkham City, You really should have had this in class!”

oker-iconic-image-for-fan-favorite-and-villains-not-to-kill-hey-arkham-city-you-should-have-had-this-in-classIt’s the big #1 on The Mary Sue list of 10 Ways to Become Immortal:

Here’s the capper: the most difficult method of gaining immortality on the whole grid, probably impossible for any real person. And that is to become so inextricable to the plot, or beloved by fans, that the writers would never dare to kill you off, and indeed, will write themselves in tired circles to explain how you got out of that Sarlacc pit.

Then, they’ll go on to explain for years why it totally makes sense that no one has actually shot you, strangled you, sentenced you to the electric chair, blown you up, or simply let you die falling off that building after you brutally murdered their child, or wife, or partner, or baby; even when your chief opponent knows an absurdly high number of ways to kill a man.

Badass fan favorites who must be resurrected from their ignoble pseudo-deaths in order to appear in later installments of the series aside, becoming somebody’s lifelong archnemesis is no easy task, even in universes like that of The Venture Bros. where both superherodom and supervillainy is a highly regulated, rule-based career with support groups and job placement programs and everything.

This is a round about way of saying that we have no idea how one would go about achieving this method of immortality, and, in fact, we highly discourage you from trying.

Hey, look who’s picture they used.  We’re just sayin’.

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