Reblog: Catwoman’s Arkham City Skins

Information on the downloadable Catwoman pack with skins for The Long Halloween and Batman: The Animated Series for Rocksteady’s Batman: Arkham City. We think Catwoman looks sexiest in purple and are grateful not only for the awesome TLH costume but for this simple information clearing up so much confusion about how to acquire it.  This post includes gameplay video of the B:TAS skin in action, but no spoilerage that wasn’t seen at E3 and elsewhere.

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The Long Halloween Catwoman Skin in Arkham CityAlright, updating information on the Catwoman skins for those of us who haven’t been living and breathing these games for years.

First: the explanation on “only with a new game” –  Catwoman is a downloadable pack that comes with both the animated series and long halloween skins.  if you bought the game (ie it is new) then you will get a code in the package to get that download pack for free.   If you rent the game or buy it used the code will have been used, you’ll have to pay for the download but it is still available to you.  So there is no need to worry about some pre-release versions not having her/the skins.

Now, how to “unlock” and apply a skin, no idea yet.   But stay tuned.  There are two Catwoman skins, and it’s clearly labeled on the download pack so this isn’t any kind of spoiler…

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