At long last: There will be Alternative Catwoman Costumes (skins) in Arkham City

Catwoman Skins for Catwoman in Arkham City

It was touch and go if Rocksteady would deal with the fact that the goggle costume DC Comics had sold them on for Catwoman had negative connotations for a substantial portion of the fanbase, or if they would follow DC’s lead and simply ignore fan dissatisfaction and pretend it isn’t so, or indeed to actively punish them for it.   The release of alternative costumes (skins) for all other playable characters and former comic editor Paul Dini’s involvement in the project,  led many fans to assume the worst.  But the latest word on the Arkham City forums indicates otherwise.  There will indeed be Catwoman skins, and not as a limited pre-order perk but as an unlockable feature of the game.

GamesMaster’s review (96/100) featured a snippet of info on Catwoman’s attire. Telling readers to “Unlock her Long Halloween costume ASAP”  As well as this NeoGAF user Jintor claims that The Animated Series Catwoman is “in the game” and although not spotted as a skin notes that the 3D model definitely exists in the game.

So, it looks like Catwoman will be gaining a range skins just like Robin and Bats. What ones would you want to see?

What unlocks it?  Nobody seems to know yet, at least in the forum.
What fans want to see?  Well Purple seems to be leading by a mile:  The Jim Balent Costume, also called the Iconic Purple Catwoman and 90s Catwoman, the Classic Skirted Costume, and The Long Halloween are popular choices, although the gray outfit from Batman the Animated Series has also got a few votes.

Catwoman Skins for Catwoman in Arkham City - The Sexy Jim Balent Costume is an Iconic FavoriteCatwoman Skins for Catwoman in Arkham City - The Golden Age Classic Shows off her shapely legs

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