Rocksteady: Bat-GADGETS!!! (Pay no attention to the Rogues behind the curtain)

Rocksteady continues to try to divert attention from the deplorable character designs for Catwoman, Penguin, Riddler and others in its upcoming release Batman: Arkham City, sequel to the justly popular Arkham Asylum.  Since the release of the first trailer showing Catwoman as a playable character, but in a fan-loathed goggled costume from the comics and conspicuously unnatural skin-tone and make-up, fans have been grumbling.  “The Epic Fail of Catwoman’s Costume has been discussed at length.  The fact that they have alternate skins for EVERY OTHER PLAYABLE CHARACTER EXCEPT HER only adds insult to injury,” complained one fan.  “Penguin looks like an Orcish overseer,” said another.  “He looks like Grishnakh! “Wot about their legs? They dun need those! Oo they look taaasteey!”  And as for Riddler?  “looks like the dude from the 40 Year Old Virgin after a bad divorce: he’s been dumped, stopped shaving, started chainsmoking. Smells like cheap cologne and Jack Daniels.”

What’s a game maker to do?  Address the issue?  No, far better to follow the lead of DC Comics and pretend it doesn’t exist.  Dazzle the gullible masses with some concept art of the Bat-Gadgets.  That’s the ticket…

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We here at Gotham Trending actually like the look of all the Bat-Tech, but we can’t pretend we don’t see what Rocksteady is doing and we can’t pretend it doesn’t insult our intelligence.

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