Dialogue w/ Joseph Gordon-Levitt: Nolan respects his audience

Christopher Nolan Respects his AudienceAnyone who was alive and aware for the past 10 years can see that Christopher Nolan’s Batman is different.  He succeeds where so many others fail: in Hollywood, in comics, in animated features, even when they are said to be based on his own works.  What makes Nolan’s Batman movies and Nolan’s movies across the board special?  Joseph Gordon-Levitt put it succinctly and powerfully in a recent interview with What’s something that you’re learned about the filmmaking process from working with Christopher Nolan? What has he shown you that maybe you haven’t seen before?

JGL: You know man, that’s a good question! One thing I feel like I’ve learned from Chris is that he respects his audience. It’s unfortunately rare in Hollywood. You see it all time with people saying, ‘Ah, the public won’t get that’ or ‘They’re dumb’ or ‘You have to spell it out for them,’ etc…  But I’ve heard Chris say time and time again just the opposite. People are smart. Don’t underestimate them. He says things like that all the time, and I think his respect for his audience is a big part of why he has earned the respect of his audience.


Gordon-Levitt has starred in Nolan’s masterwork Inception, which certainly complimented its audience’s intelligence at every turn, assuming they could keep up with a complex multi-layered plotline.  JGL is working with Nolan again on The Dark Knight Rises, his third and final installment of the Dark Knight trilogy which began with Batman Begins.

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