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Christopher Nolan Alum Joseph Gordon Levitt talks about spoilers on The Dark Knight is previewing an interview with The Dark Knight Rises star (and Nolan-alum from another spoilerific movie Inception) Joseph Gordon-Levitt tomorrow which briefly addresses “Obsessive online Spoilerage.”  The article particularly references youtubes of Christian Bale and Anne Hathaway as Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle getting into a cab, and Gordon-Levitt  himself walking on a snow-covered street in Pittsburgh, making a big deal about the online furor.  Except there is no actual spoilerage IN those videos, so one is left to wonder what the heck they’re talking about, unless it is just to stir the pot further.

“It’s cool that people are excited about the movie. I’m excited about the movie. And I would be really excited if I weren’t in it. I get why people are interested. But sometimes it can be a little weird because we try really hard to get the details right and make a great experience for the audience. And then when other shots that aren’t, like, how we want to present them, or shots that we wouldn’t want to be presented to the audience sort of get out there, it can be a little, ‘Oh well.’ The truth is I feel like audience members will probably enjoy the movie a lot more if they avoid those types of spoilers.”

The diplomatic answer.


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