Batman Arkham City delayed on PC

batman-arkham-city-delayed-for-pc-still-pushing-pre-order-perksArkham City sequel to the popular Batman: Arkham Asylum  from Warner Bros and Rocksteady games  will be delayed for the PC platform, but retailers are still pushing the pre-order perks: skins offering alternate Batman and Robin costumes.

Like Ubisoft and Driver: San Francisco, the PC version of Batman: Arkham City has been delayed, Warner Bros. today announced.

Rather than be released on October 18 alongside the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of the game, Arkham City on PC will instead be out in November. No exact date was attached to that version, which is sure to be frustrating to fans. Keep in mind there was a similar gap with Arkham Asylum; consoles got the game on August 25, 2009, but it wasn’t until September 15 that it came out on PC.

In better news, the various retailer exclusives that can only be gotten by pre-ordering the game at different stores will later be made available to all.

“The skins that are divvied out at the moment across various retailers and territories… the wording for all of those is if you pre-order here or here, you’re getting early access,” a Rocksteady representative told Shacknews. “We still have more details to come, but the intention is that, for example, if you’re red hot on Robin, you pre-order it at Best Buy, you’re gonna get early access to it.”

Warner Bros. did something very similar with Mortal Kombat earlier this year — you could get different costumes and fatalities depending upon where you pre-ordered or purchased the game. After a period of exclusivity, these were all sold together in a bundle for $4.99 — but not before an eBay market emerged for certain costumes that cost nearly $100.

While the practice of selling this sort of content to gamers might upset some people, at least we’re being told about it before people end up wasting unnecessary amounts of money to ensure they get the Sinestro Corps and Animated Series skins.

via Batman Fans Will Have to Wait Longer for Arkham City on PC.

The original game, Batman: Arkham Asylum is soon to be released for the Macintosh:  October 13

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