XV “The Kick” | Music inspired by Nolan’s Inception

You might think that the visuals and plot of Christopher Nolan’s Inception were the inspiration for rapper XV’s new release “The Kick”, you might think a rapper would have no use for composer Hans Zimmer’s cyclic score, but Zimmer’s “Time” (which plays at the conclusion of the film) is indeed sampled in XV’s Kick.


The cover art should be the first clue as to where XV drew the inspiration from in his newest release called “The Kick”. Dig deeper and you’ll be engaged on the first listen to a passionate and personal outpouring of lyricism, that, yes, cleverly alludes to the film Inception. “The Kick” is a *Tibs Fav.™ I appreciate, but also not the first time a rapper has directly referenced the film…

via XV “The Kick” | Gowhere Hip Hop.


Written by Gotham Trending

09/19/2011 at 12:50 am

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