Why I’m passing on Arkham City

Some in the blogosphere and twitterverse have been obediently passing along all Rocksteady’s promotional materials about Arkham City, the sequal to the justly popular Batman: Arkham Asylum.  But not everybody is preordering their copy for next month’s release.  Some aren’t even excited.  Some are downright pissed.

Batman: Arkham City gets it all wrong:  Catwoman

The Epic Fail of Catwoman’s Costume has been discussed at length.  The fact that they have alternate skins for EVERY OTHER PLAYABLE CHARACTER EXCEPT HER only adds insult to injury.  Let’s move on to other major figures.

Batman: Arkham City gets it all wrong: Penguin

Penguin looks like an Orcish overseer in that getup. He looks like Grishnakh! “Wot about their legs? They dun need those! Oo they look taaasteey!”

Arkham City gets it all wrong: The Riddler

Riddler looks like the dude from the 40 year old virgin after a bad divorce: he’s been dumped, stopped shaving, started chainsmoking.  Looks like he smells like cheap cologne and Jack Daniels.

via The Comic Book Connoisseur

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