Tom Hardy “enhancements” (i.e. lifts) to play Bane | The Sun

tom-hardy-as-bane-in-dark-knight-risesIt’s amusing how fanboys at a certain website try to appear sophisticated by dismissing the “enhancements” described to help Tom Hardy play Bane in The Dark Knight Rises because they are from an article in the British tabloid The Sun.  The Sun is certainly no titan of journalism, but neither are the fanboys, for they use this story (which they pass on while claiming not to believe it) as a platform to whine anew about:

  • Christian Bale’s bat-voice (Yes, still whining since 2005)
  • Bane’s voice (which they have only heard in low quality youtubes from the Pittsburgh location shooting and have no idea if what they heard will be used in the final film
  • and Bane’s costume which they claim has drawn fan fire.

That last is very odd.  We don’t remember anybody bitching about Bane’s mask or costume, only Catwoman’s lackluster appearance in un-Catwoman goggles and a non-descript biker outfit.

He’s been wearing specially made shoes fitted with three-inch lifts so he can be the same size as co-stars Christian Bale and Morgan Freeman.

The former model is hardly struggling for height at 5ft 9in.

But the film’s producers wanted his character, Bane, to be of similar height to Batman and Freeman’s Lucius Fox, who are both over 6ft.

Wearing Tom Cruise’s shoes has led to some ribbing.

He’s also been the victim of on-set pranks. Tom wears a voice box which controls the pitch of his speech.

It’s set low to give him a villainous tone but the sound effects team have been amusing themselves by speeding up the frequency and making To`m sound like a Bee Gee.

via The Sun

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