Nestor Carbonell drops TDKR hints while promoting The Ringer on the CW

the-dark-knight-rises-hints-nestor-carbonellNestor Carbonell plays FBI agent Victor Machado on the CW’s newest drama, the “Ringer”.  Nestor stopped by The “O” Show with  sexy co-star Sarah Michelle Gellar (best remembered from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Cruel Intentions)  to talk about the new drama, but The Ringer – where key witness, Bridget Kelly (Sarah Michelle Gellar), has disappeared before she was set to testify in a trial that would send a mob boss to prison – was of minor interest, compared to the hints Nester dropped about his role in the upcoming Batman movie, The Dark Knight Rises!

via TV Preview: Nestor Carbonell Talks ‘Ringer’ On The O Show

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