Screen Scoop reporting TDKR’s Anne Hathaway to Star in New RomCom

the-dark-knight-rises-anne-hathaway-to-star-in-new-romcomScreen Scoop is teasing news that Anne Hathaway, currently filming The Dark Knight Rises in Los Angeles with Christian Bale, is about to be announced in a new project, a romcom more akin to earlier works like The Devil Wears Prada, although we at Gotham Trending would not call that a romantic comedy.

Anne Hathaway has been working hard on the set of Batman: The Dark Knight Rises but apparently the actress is now getting set to star in a romcom. Hathaway, who is best known for her starring roles in romcoms like Devil Wears Prada and Bride Wars, has been spotted by 30 Rock writer/producer Kay Cannon.

The story line is yet to be known but Hathaway is thought to be stepping up to play the lead character. Watch this space…

via Screen Scoop.

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