This Man is a Hero

We at Gotham Trending occasionally point out new items of Batman merchandise that we find interesting. This is not one of those posts.  This is the story of a hero.  Behold the tale of the Batman Pez Dispenser


I totally won at marriage today. While Chrissy was browsing the Herr’s display, I dropped this sweet Batman Pez dispenser in our cart. She didn’t even notice. As soon as we reach the check out lane, however, she confronted me…

Chrissy: Did you put this in the cart (referring to the Pez dispenser)?

Me: Uh…yeah.

Chrissy: How old are we?

Me: Whatever. It’s a f***in’ Pez dispenser.

Chrissy: [insert the look]

And it stayed in the cart! I won!

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Written by Gotham Trending

09/05/2011 at 10:45 am

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