Batman Achievements Confirm New Game-Plus in Arkham City

Hardcore gamers at DragonCon are excited to hear game achievements in Batman Arkham City, the sequel to the popular Batman Arkham Asylum.

batman-arkham-city-xbox-game-achievementsCrack achievement investigators are back in action, and they’ve sleuthed out the 50 Achievement/1000 Gamerscore set for Batman: Arkham City. Included are two achievements speaking to a New Game Plus mode, which will allow a second playthrough with your fully upgraded Batman. Pore over the others, and then see Kirk’s impressions from PAX and mine from Comic-Con to see if any of them concern details we haven’t seen. (Hint: There are, and not just in the obvious story-chapter achievements.)

via Batman Achievements Confirm New Game-Plus in Arkham City.

Arkham City is to have 3 playable characters: Batman, Catwoman and Robin, and so far the main extras announced have been alternate skins to create alternate costumes for Batman and Robin.  Fans really want to know if a Catwoman skin will be offered, as the fan’s disappointment with her goggled costume got the game’s early promotion off to a rocky start.

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