Warner Bros. / Nolan bid farewell to Pittsburgh in a unique way

Christopher Nolan and the film crew of The Dark Knight Rises bid a classy farewell to Pittsburgh taking out a full page ad in the city newspaper, The Pittsburgh Post Gazette.   We don’t know what it cost, and  it may not seem much of an expense in a $250 million movie budget that’s already totaled an IMAX camera, but it’s the sort of expenditure that is unusual in a movie budget.  A class act, Dark Knight.


Christopher Nolan and the film crew of Warner Bros. wrapped up their summer filming of “The Dark Knight: Rises” in Pittsburgh, P.A. That photo above is created by Warner Bros. for a Pittsburgh local newspaper.

The film crew will next head to Los Angeles and New York City to film the rest of the movie.

More on it, here.

Zack Snyder’s “Man of Steel” is currently filming now as well. Warner Bros. hard at work with both “Superman” and “Batman”. I’m looking forward to both of these films.

“The Dark Knight: Rises” is looking great so far though. Can’t wait to see more behind the scenes pics when they hit Los Angeles and New York.

via Cool Photo: Warner Bros. thanks Pittsburgh in a unique way… « K’Brocking Entertainment.

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