Catwoman goggles the symbol of bad costuming in comic book movies?

anne-hathaway-is-lovely-but-catwoman-should-wear-cat-cowl-not-gogglesWe all winced when Batman’s cowl or Spiderman’s mask came off to give Michael Keaton and Tobey Maguire face time.  The fan uproar over Anne Hathaway in the painfully un-catwomanesque goggles and unattractive biker costume may become the symbol for the kind of poor costuming choices movies can jump to.

When Warner Bros recently unveiled our first official look at Catwoman from The Dark Knight Rises, fans were shocked to see that Anne Hathaway was not modelling Catwoman’s classic Cowl, and instead wearing a minimalistic mask. Storyline wise, perhaps wearing a cowl with cat ears would be impractical for battles, but is that the actual reason behind the dramatic costume alteration, or is just so Anne Hathway receives a good chunk of face-time as Selina Kyle. Whilst it’s too early to tell if this is just Selina’s suit, pre-Catwoman, but so far it resembles too much of Marvel’s Black Widow, and not enough classic Catwoman. This is what I mean by face-time ruining comic book movies. By destroying the classic looks of their characters, the studios are pointless going to infuriate fans who have followed these characters for years. I agree some aspects need updating, but that should be for the sake of the characters, and not so that the lead actor/actress can have more face-time.

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