Anne Hathaway: Gothic Beauty in Interview

Between promoting her new movie One Day, rapping about the paparazzi on Conan, and defending her we-hope-that’s-not-the-Catwoman-costume picture against the slings and arrows of fanboys who want Catwoman to look as sexy as she is, Anne Hathaway is the highest-trending figure associated with Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises currently filming in Pittsburgh.  We didn’t think she could look sexier than in last week’s photo spread in Marie Claire or more fashionable than the airport photos of her traveling to LAX for that now-famous Conan appearance.

We were wrong.  The Marie Claire cover was nothing compared to her cover of Interview magazine and gothic beauty in haute courture contained within.  Chanel, Dior, Nina Ricci, Bottega Veneta, names so classic even we know them.  The maybe-Catwoman costume may disappoint, but Christopher Nolan has certainly given us a Selina Kyle as breathtakingly beautiful as she should be.

Anne Hathaway goes gothic in this captivating black and white editorial for the September issue of Interview Magazine. Shot by Mert&Marcus, Anne wears impressive gowns and dresses…

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