Anne Hathaway Raps About The Paparazzi

the-dark-knight-rises-star-anne-hathaway-selina-kyle-catwoman-rapping-about-paparazzi-on-conanIf there is anything more adorable than Dark Knight Rises star navigate the media malstrom she’s in at the moment with controvercy over her painfully un-Catwoman goggle picture raging while she promotes her new move One Day, deflect questions from tactless reporters about how much weight she lost to play Catwoman with winning good humor, and appears on at least two major magazine covers that we know of, it’s watching her rap about it.

Anne Hathaway was a guest on “Conan” last night promoting her new movie “One Day,” and she performed a rap she wrote as a way to relieve some of her frustration with overly aggressive paparazzi.  And it was highly entertaining (though I may be a bit biased…since she was incredibly sweet when I met her last week).  Here it is:

Anne said it was “in the style of L’il Wayne.” And whatever you think of her rapping skills, you have to give her props for going all out…



Written by Gotham Trending

08/17/2011 at 5:28 am

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