TMZ exclusive video: Catwoman Totals IMAX Camera

Catwoman 2, Stunt Team 0

Remember that story about Anne Hathaway getting carried away during a fight scene and giving a stuntman a black eye?  Remember how Gotham Trending suspected it was a staged event to draw attention from a leaked photo of the Catwoman costume?   This one we believe, because the First Look at Hathaway is out and there is nothing to draw attention from but the opening of her new film One Day.

Maybe Catwoman just doesn’t like stuntmen?

The budget for “Batman: The Dark Knight Rises” might have just jumped up another six figures — because last Friday, Catwoman’s stunt double BARRELED through a super-expensive IMAX camera … and TMZ has the crushing footage.

It’s unclear who messed up — the stunt-double or the cameraman — but either way, the camera appeared to be blown to smithereens.

It was all shot outside some building at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh — which, we’re told, is supposed to be Gotham City Hall in the movie.

Thankfully, no one was hurt — and with a budget of $250 MILLION … a broken camera’s just a drop in the bucket.

Sources close to production tell us both the camera and the cameraman were not injured during the incident — but if you look closely, you can SEE camera shrapnel … and fixing those things ain’t cheap!

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08/09/2011 at 12:50 pm

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