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Geekosophy has assembled an impressive collection of images and video from the weekend filming of The Dark  Knight Rises in Pittsburgh over the weekend, specifically the explosive scene at Heinz field standing in for Gotham Stadium, home of The Gotham Rogues football team

Earlier we reported that Ben Roesthlisberger, as well as a couple of his friends from the Pittsburgh Steelers would take part in a scene for Chirstopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises, well some photos and video have just been released detailing how exactly that scene may play out in the film.  It goes without saying that the rest of this post contains massive spoilers for the film, so read at your own risk.

WPXI brings us this photo of how Heinz Field has been changed to suit the needs of the scene:

Gotham Stadium is home to The Gotham Rogues football team

Gotham Stadium is home to The Gotham Rogues football team

the-dark-knight-rises-Gotham Stadium is home to The Gotham Rogues football team

Gotham Stadium is home to The Gotham Rogues football team

Some Redditor extras also managed to snap a couple of pictures while the set is filming, go here to see the full gallery:

Lastly, a fan somehow managed to sneak a camera on set (it looks higher quality than a cell-phone camera) and brings us this video of how the scene plays out:

The description reads:

After Bane [Tom Hardy] blows up the football field [check my other video for the explosion scene] when 86 of the Gotham Rogues [Hines Ward] runs to make a touchdown after the kick off [this is what we were told was going on during filming] he comes out to address and strike fear in Gotham [us]. The raised part you see is whats suppose to be left of the football field. He comes out and pulls the microphone from the dead? ref [which is just a dummy] on the ground outside the tunnel where he comes out with his thugs and someone he has prisoner. He also drags out some big crazy device thats supposedly the means of our destruction….i’ll annotate what he says becuz honestly [and you can hear me and my friend laughin about it with the mask he had on, mixed with his accident, mixed with how he was doing the voice it sounded like an old man with a respirator on. Not sure if that has anything to do with Bane’s medical background and drug experiments

via The Dark Knight Rises On Set: Bane Hates Football | Geekosophy.

They then go on to get some amusing mileage out of Bane’s voice, without considering the possibility that it was a put on.  There is a lot that couldn’t be hidden from the public, but audio substitution is easy enough.  In secrecy productions, fake dialogue has been recorded to conceal plot points even from the production crew and cast.

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