Top posts of the week: Anne Hathaway and Catwoman, Sexy and Sexier. Also someone shooting a movie in Pittsburgh.

Not surprising really: the word was sexy.  The combination of the words Catwoman and sexy at Comic Con, Anne Hathaway and sexy in her Marie Claire photos, sexier still working a red carpet in a see-through blouse, dominated the week’s blog posts, social media and searches, even knocking photos and spoiler video from The Dark Knight Rises location shooting in Pittsburgh out of the top spots.  First look at Bane in full costume: not on the list.  First Look at Marion Cotillard on set as Miranda Tate: not on the list. Batman/Bane fight #9.  Bale in the Batsuit, #4.

  1. Anne Hathaway (Selina Kyle/Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises) looking sexier than ever as Marie Claire Cover Girl
  2. Anne Hathaway, Selina Kyle/Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises: so very good at being bad (via Sexy Girls Dressed)
  3. The Dark Knight Rises Location Video: POTENTIAL SPOILER PART II #TDKR
  4. The Dark Knight Rises Batmobile spotted in Pittsburgh
  5. Batman at Comic Con: Catwoman of the DC Comics Reboot, not apologizing for sexy!
  6. The Dark Knight Rises Location Photos: Batman/Batsuit #TDKR
  7. Best Dark Knight Rises Location Photo Ever: Illegally Parked Badpod
  8. Bane Mask, Other Batman Items coming up for sale in Movie Memorabilia Auction
  9. The Dark Knight Rises Location Photos: Batman/Bane Fight
  10. DC Reboot Catwoman #1 – Wrong costume is a warning sign to fans but characterization sounds like an improvement

The Dark Knight Rises - Batman - Catwoman - Bane

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