Top posts of the week: Catwoman not apologizing for Sexy and Hot Batman Toys at Comic-Con

News of the Catwoman reboot and the new Batman ’89 toys at Comic-Con unseated the Batmobile and The Dark Knight Rises location shooting in Pittsburgh for the top spots in Gotham and Batman-related media activity.

  1. Batman at Comic Con: Catwoman of the DC Comics Reboot, not apologizing for sexy!
  2. Batman at Comic Con: First look at Joker, Batmobile from Hot Toys Batman ’89 Collection
  3. DC Reboot Catwoman #1 – Wrong costume is a warning sign to fans but characterization sounds like an improvement
  4. First look at Christian Bale in The Dark Knight Rises Batsuit #TDKR #Batman
  5. Bane Mask, Other Batman Items coming up for sale in Movie Memorabilia Auction
  6. The Dark Knight Rises Batmobile spotted in Pittsburgh
  7. Batmobile for the Dark Knight Rises to be revealed. Is it the Audi R-18?
  8. Anne Hathaway Wardrobe Malfunction – too much Catwoman for the costume?
  9. The Epic Conclusion to the Dark Knight Legend
  10. Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment at Comic-Con: LOVE BITES
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