Batman at Comic Con: Catwoman of the DC Comics Reboot, not apologizing for sexy!

Batman at Comic Con - Catwoman of the DC Comics Relaunch / Reboot

Kudos to Judd Winnick, writer of the new Catwoman comic to launch with the reboot of the DC Comics Universe, for not backing down from the word sexy.  This is Catwoman, folks, if you don’t get that she’s supposed to be sexy, you probably shouldn’t be involved in comics at all.

Batman at Comic Con: Catwoman of the DC Reboot: Sexy, a thief, and no apologies

Batman at Comic Con: Catwoman of the DC Reboot

Then it was over to Judd Winick to talk about Catwoman and Batwing. “It was noted I did an interview, and said sexy forty times. And it wasn’t enough. This is a dirty, dirty book, and you’re going to enjoy it. It’s not your Dad’s Catwoman… Actually, it probably is your Dad’s Catwoman.” She’s a thief, but it plays out like a detective book, because you have to plan things.

–Judd Winnick at the DC Comics Panel, Comic-Con 2011

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