Batman at Comic-Con: DC Comics Batman Panel

batman-at-comicconThe stakes couldn’t be higher for DC Comics reboot and relaunch of the Batman titles, as opposed to the rest of their universe.  Off-panel changes relating to digital distribution and phasing out of for-trade repackaging will have higher impact on DC Comics than on-panel issues that stir fan controversy like Wonder Woman’s costume or Superman’s citizenship.  With Batman and related characters, the situation is very different.  The catastrophic mismanagement of these characters had been alienating readers for years but had gone unnoticed until the phenomenal success of The Dark Knight viral in 2007 and Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight catapulted Batman’s popularity to an all-time high.  It was then the situation in comics was noticed, and DC Comics parent company Time Warner restructured on the corporate level, forming the new DC Entertainment division which reports to Warner Bros. not publishing.  The advent of Nolan’s third and final installment The Dark  Knight Rises, and the inclusion of Catwoman (Anne Hathaway) as a major character, is a pivotal opportunity for DC to show they can get it right.  For that reason, the Batman relaunch is being scrutinized by more than comic book fans, as was DC’s Batman Panel at Comic-Con.

Editor Mike Marts welcomed up David Finch, writer/artist of The Dark Knight, Gregg Hurwitz, writer of the Penguin mini-series, Scott Snyder, writer of Detective Comics – who entered to huge applause, Peter Tomasi, writer of Batman & Robin, Scott Lobdell, writer of Red Hood and The Outlaws, Jedd Winick, (sic) writer of Catwoman, to the biggest applause of all Gail Simone, who’s writing Batgirl.  More

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