Supervillain Origins: Bane

An excellent compilation of origins and clips from different media.

Supervillain Origin of Bane, Batman: Knightfall, Batman the Animated Series, Batman and RobinBane was born in the fictional Caribbean Republic of Santa Priscia. There, his father had once been a revolutionary. Having fled at the time of Bane’s birth, the corrupt government made the newborn child carry out his father’s sentence in the hellish Prison of Pena Dura. Eventually establishing himself as the self-proclaimed king of the prison complex, he was forced to become a test subject for an experimental steroid called Venom. Altered by the drug, he escaped, only to hear tales of the dark knight. Convinced that Batman was the demonic bat that had haunted his dreams since childhood, he made his way to Gotham City to kill the caped crusader.

Join as they take an in depth look at the origins of Bane.

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