The High End Fashion of Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn, a classic costume should not be changed or reinvented for the sake of change and reinvention

a classic costume should not be changed the sake of change

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This is a great costume. It says “harlequin” immediately but doesn’t look like something completely derivative of the Joker’s purple, green and orange wardrobe. Color scheme and diamond pattern brings playing cards to mind, which again provides a connection to the Joker but doesn’t just opt his style. So she has the look of someone who fits into his paradigm, but she’s not simply “The Joker’s Girlfriend.” She stands on her own.

The outfit is close-fitting enough that you can believe Harley’s gymnastics would not be hampered, but the hat and gloves still give a hint of playfulness. Which is good, because Harley is a very optimistic crazy person. This outfit is also a very good example of how a woman in comics can be sexy without having half of her costume mysteriously missing. Only her face isn’t covered by fabric but we can still see she’s got a great, athletic body and she can still flirt with the best of them when she so chooses.

A great design that really first the character. It’s no wonder this costume has stayed on Harley consistently throughout the past decade of her comic book appearances.

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07/14/2011 at 4:00 pm

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