Batman Arkham City Box Art (again)

Batman Arkham City Cover Art

Batman Arkham City Cover Art

Since Arkham City failed to garner the ecstasies of unqualified praise they expected at E3, a day seldom goes by without some new announcement or a reminder that they have downloadable wallpaper.  The latest cry for attention is the release of “official” box artwork for the Playstation version of the game.

It’s nice.  More of the city than in the Xbox art they released a few weeks ago. But the impression of insecurity is troubling. Batman: Arkham Asylum was an unprecedented critical and commercial success.  Maybe it went to Rocksteady’s head.  They are assured of sales if even a fraction of satisfied AA players buy the new game, but their initial call for “What imagery made you go wow” indicates they may have had unrealistic expectations.  A sequel will never have the impact of a first installment because it is not new.  Rocksteady can only damage the game by continued acting out because they encountered pushback.

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