Love the Batmobile but seriously, green?

Every week Gotham Trending tracks the most popular Batman subjects making the internet buzz.  The Batmobile is hot stuff.  It’s pretty much the only Bat-Element which can pull even a little focus from Catwoman, Catwoman’s Costume,  Catwoman’s hair length, Anne Hathaway, Anne Hathaway bursting the seams on her Catwoman costume, etc.

Nevertheless, some of the links out there on the Dark Knight Rises Batmobile are just using the iconic car’s popularity to game a little search engine attention “LOOK, IT’S THE BATMOBILE BATMOBILE! Now that we have your attention, have you considered term life insurance?”  Consider this article which paints a vivid picture for a few sentences, only to hope the new Batmobile will be more environmentally friendly than its predecessors.

The Bat mobile (sic). The Batmobile is a movie car with its design rooted in the imagination of 5-year-old boys around the world. It is the quintessential ultimate ride — a custom vehicle of epic proportions only a superhero really should drive. The history of the Batmobile is a long one, with roots in the comic book series but real life working wheels on pavement where Batman movies and television shows have been filmed.   More »

What is particularly silly is this case is TDKR followers tweeting and retweeting a link, not even to the original article but to the page in a wiki summarizing online articles.


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